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Data analytics.

Accurate and valid data is necessary in order to identify and properly assess business problems, provide the most effective ways to solve them, apply the most appropriate measures and measure the effectiveness of these measures.

Klientų skaitmeninės reklamos duomenų analizės.

Work with each client begins with correct data collection and configuration.

Services that we provide:

• Installation and configuration of Google Tag Manager – allows you to conveniently manage the data transmitted to Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Linkedin Audience Insights and more.
• Google Tag Manager Server-Side Installation and Configuration – moves data collection to the server, reducing the load on the page or app and increasing the accuracy of data collection.
• Installation and configuration of Google Analytics 4 – a free tool that allows you to measure the return on advertising channels.
• Competitive landscape assessment – includes search engine visibility, banner, social advertising, brand searches on the web, and user traffic to the site.
• Data collection infrastructure audits – we assess how well you are leveraging digital platforms.

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