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We provide Google advertising services to more than 50 leading brands in more than 30 different markets with investments in Google advertising of more than 10 million. euros in one year.

Žmogus, ieškantis informacijos Google, kur yra paleista Google reklama.

We have Google Premier Partner status, which is granted to only 3% of agencies in the country .

Google has a wide range of advertising options and offers advertising in the search engine based on targeted keywords, a wide network of visual advertising, video advertising on YouTube and partner platforms, remarketing, etc.

Digital advertising agency Reprise Media provides its clients with planning and execution of both effective long-term strategy and short-term tactical actions. We apply both innovative and time-tested solutions.

Don't know where to start? We can conduct an audit of your existing Google Ads campaigns and provide insights and recommendations that allow advertising to be displayed more effectively, reach more target users, increase sales of goods and services, and ensure return on advertising.

Our Google Ads services:

Google Search Ads

Google owns just over 92% of the global search engine market (72% computer search, 92% phone search). Their closest competitors are Bing with 2.9% and Yahoo with 1.1% (source: Hubspot).

As of 2024, Google processes approximately 99,000 search queries every second. That translates to 8.5 billion searches per day and roughly 2 trillion searches worldwide per year. The average person makes three to four searches every day.

Taking into account these results, we can not even doubt the effectiveness of advertising in the Google search engine. It's worth noting that the ads are displayed in text form by inserting the target keywords you buy, so it's important to provide only the most relevant information in a limited text format. Paid advertising is always shown above organic search ads and is marked with an "ad" icon.

5 dominant Youtube Ads formats.


Skippable in-stream ads

Appears at any time of the video and can be skipped after 5s.

This advertising format can help a business increase awareness and ensure more traffic to the website.


Non-skippable in-stream ads

Users cannot skip or turn off these advertisements until they are fully displayed.

This format can be useful for you when you want to broadcast a complete message to your audience.


Bumper ads

Advertisements lasting up to 6s, which users cannot disable either.

This format is worth choosing when you can fully broadcast what you want in a few seconds.


In-feed video ads

Video ads that appear in YouTube search or related posts columns.

This format is best when you want to increase the views of your video.


Outstream ads

With this format, you go beyond the Youtube channel, as this type of advertisement is displayed on Google partner sites and only on mobile devices.

If you are looking for greater reach, this ad format is worth considering.

What are the benefits of Google Ads for your business??

Ensures quick access

Google is the most visited advertising network, so well-designed ads will reach your target audience in no time. Of course, to see the best results, you need to create an ad that at least stands out.

Provides measurable results

Google makes it possible to monitor, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements. Using both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM), you can track conversions and analyze user actions on the website.

Enhances brand visibility

Google increases brand visibility by allowing you to capture the attention of potential customers with a variety of ad formats across different advertising networks.

It’s measurable and scalable

While using Google Ads, you can manage your advertising budget by yourself. That means that you can set both the maximum cost of clicks and the total daily advertising budget. You can change it any time.

Helps to reach target audience

Google Ads adapts advertisements based on users' location (demographic indicators), interests (psychography) and directs advertising not only to potential customers, but also to existing website visitors (remarketing).

How much does Google Ads cost?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model. This means that the budget allocated to Google Ads advertising depends only on you. You pay only if the user clicks on your ad or performs another action that you had set (fills out a form, buys a product, etc.).


The cost per click varies and depends on many factors.

The most important thing is competition. The more competition your ad has in the market, the higher the cost per click.

Google Ads has smart bidding, which refers to bidding strategies. They use Google AI to optimize conversions or conversion value for each auction. Smart Bidding algorithms automatically adjust your ad spend and placement based on historical data, real-time data and your goals.


If you want to ensure the optimal budget for your desired advertising campaign, contact us and we will perform a detailed analysis.

Combine paid Google advertising with SEO services to improve business visibility on a wider scale and use an even higher-quality and result-generating strategy.

Visual information of an ad must attract the user's attention.

The text of an ad must be relevant and meet the needs of potential customers.

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