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The professionals at Reprise Media are focused on the growth and results of your business, which is why we offer what we do best.

This service provides clients with an objective and clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their online activities and opportunities to improve them in the future.

We provide Google advertising services to more than 50 leading brands in more than 30 different markets with investments in Google advertising of more than 10 million euros in one year.

Tikslūs ir validūs duomenys yra būtini, norint atpažinti bei tinkamai įvertinti verslo problemas, pateikti efektyviausius jų sprendimo būdus, pritaikyti tinkamiausias priemones ir pamatuoti šių priemonių efektyvumą.

Specialists working at Reprise Media have accumulated exceptional experience in working with various e-commerce brands - from small specialized e-stores to startups established in the global market and even the largest e-commerce giants operating in the Baltic States.

Since we have a wide and diverse range of clients, we have a good understanding of the specifics of various business areas: retail, finance, medicine, real estate, e-commerce, etc.

Because we produce advertising tools for all digital channels under one roof - Google, Meta, X (Linkedin), Youtube, news portals, etc. - we guarantee our clients timely, full-scale material prepared in accordance with all channel requirements.

We provide Meta advertising services to more than 50 leading brands in more than 20 different markets with investments in Meta advertising exceeding 3 million euros in one year.

The digital advertising solutions developed by the Reprise Media team are tailored to businesses in the retail, B2B, e-commerce and service sectors and address all stages of the consumer journey from brand awareness to sales.

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